Make Safety Make Sense

My pedigree in the construction industry extends back three generations. Making the workplace safe for future generations is my passion. As my experience grew, I realized that my industry had gone from following the blood trails to see who got hurt (yes, I have actually done this, twice in fact) to restricting the workers with such time-consuming paperwork and procedures that the efficiency of those workers is greatly reduced. Make Safety Make Sense, LLC is designed to evaluate your company’s safety program and help you identify the actual risks that can harm your workers or cause loss of resources.
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An Ironworking Apprenticeship

Since construction work runs in the family, I started as an ironworking apprentice soon after graduating high school. From there, I decided it was important to serve my country, so I spent ten rewarding years in the United States Air Force. Once I left the service, I returned to ironwork at construction sites. Rejoining the industry at this point was revealing. At the time many still considered it a good day if someone wasn’t killed on the job. I saw an opportunity to make a real difference, so I focused on workplace safety. One of the most rewarding moments of my career was paying for my first OSHA safety course.

Safety: “The management of risk(s) to an acceptable level.”

I first heard that definition when I attended the Safety Management Academy at Clemson University many years ago. It has driven me since that day. What is acceptable? Just look at history, and you can see that “acceptable” has mutated and changed a great deal over the years. Early in American history, one fatality was estimated and planned for every $1,000,000 of construction costs. Today, however, as an industry, we are spending billions to prevent even minor injuries, and it goes without saying the fatalities.
Also at the Safety Management Academy, I learned about the “Three E’s of Safety.” Engineering, Education, and Enforcement.
Make Safety Make Sense, LLC’s mission is to provide our clients with a solid foundation and understanding in all three of the E’s. Compliance with Federal, State and local laws is your obligation. We want to help make sure that compliance is not wasteful or redundant.

Our program is comprehensive, cost-efficient, and HR friendly, and it’s guaranteed. Can you really pass that by?