Profit Preservation through Better Risk Management

How it works

Lessons Learned

My name is Troy King, Make Safety Make Sense, LLC, founder. For over thirty years, I have worked in Construction as a Safety Manager, Corporate Safety Director, Project Manager, and Construction Manager. I have worked for some of the largest companies in the USA. With over 30 years of experience, I can offer your company valuable lessons learned that can improve your safety performance. What I want you to know is that safety does not need to “cost an arm and a leg” to save the real arms and legs. Make Safety Make Sense is not a shortcut, nor are we offering under-the-table safety practices. Knowing what your actual risks are simply makes it more efficient to manage your resources where they will keep your people safe.
The Perfect Project
After more than a quarter-century in the construction industry, I’ve seen what works. But I also saw policies and procedures that, frankly, did not make sense. It just wasted effort that “looked good” but really does not affect keeping people safe.
Training is coming online as clients request. Check the Service page for available courses. The Make Safety Make Sense schedule is filling fast through the end of this year. We have added Troy’s online Critical Cs for Great Presentations course!
For many years in the field, I would hear workers talking about new policies or requirements, and they would say, “It just doesn’t make sense, Troy!” and I didn’t have a reasonable answer for them. It troubled me. Safety should make sense, shouldn’t it? Yes, it absolutely should!

Improving Efficiency and Safety

All companies should be concerned about the “Big 3”, Safety, Quality, and Productivity. Thirty years has taught me that you can have great quality and not have great safety or productivity; and have great productivity and not have great safety, however, if you plan safety first you will ALWAYS have better quality and productivity. I want to show you how to do that.

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A Smart Investment

If you are making plenty of money, your profit margin is all you ever dreamed of, and Zero Accidents is where you live and have lived for years, then don’t call me. However, even if you are there right now, but you have heard someone say, (perhaps yourself even), “that just doesn’t make sense” about your safety programs, then call Make Safety Make Sense, LLC.